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[links+friends.] - news, reviews, gig guide + the most elitist forum ever. - my bro's from the south. - my bro's from the wild wild west. - ash, sam, jimi + millie are the nicest people ever. - they make beautiful music and get my name wrong, but i still love them. - my cousin lewis' band \m/. - loads of australian music stuff, pity matt doesn't get enough time to update it often though. - the best australian music info site ever. - one of the best australian independant labels, run by the nicest people in the world. - make mixtapes and show the world how rad they are. - "graham nixon does more for australian hardcore than all of you put together". - australian hardcore/emo/screamo/whatever zine. - promoting some nice music from all over the world. - give damien all your money. - this site is more informative than the section in revolver mag. - everything + anything about sydney zine. - punk/hardcore zine run by joel, burga, troy + micko. - web-design company run by my good friend and rocker cc. - another one of cc's sites. - my friend sarah has some rad photography here. - i think they're a band, and i think they're my friends. - napster and such programs are now dead, this place is where to go for all your free music needs. - independant label from sydney run by stef with loads of amazing bands. - my friend belinda's site, it has about a million live music photos from loads of australian + international bands. - some really good live music photography here. - pictures + competitions + stuff. i like it. - jimmyeatworld live/rare mp3's + video's. - DIY buttons/patches etc. - mp3's, interviews and stuff about some nice bands. - my dear friend luke's label. amazing bands. amazing music. amazing person. - this site is run by a good friend of mine, glenny. although the music content isn't my thing, there's always something interesting and informative to read.
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